R.I.P., M.C.A.


Boy, you gotta Fight

For your Right to Party in

rock n’ roll heaven.

Crazy Dino Birds


I hold the food up

Hands outstretched, to the winged beast!

Attack! It devours.

Back to Work

Another Monday

So sad to wake up today

Sodoku is hard.

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Disclaimer: This is not a haiku that I wrote myself. I discovered it on the database at Cinefile. While you might not be in on the joke, it is very poetic indeed.

In between film show

Hovering oblivious

A double big-gulp.

The 9-5 Grind

Working full time now

Means much more pretending to work

While shopping online

Musings on the New Year

A year has begun
Let’s try not to get too fat
Or crazy or stressed.

Who’s idea was it
To glue a bunch of flowers
On a giant float?

When people say “Go Ducks!”
I always think of hockey
Sorry, Oregon.

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Fun Times in NYC!

I saw awesome Steph

We went for tapas, yummy

What a bitchin time!

Exercise Ball Chair

I will sit straighter,

Feel better, and get firmer.

I hope i don’t fall off.


Muppet Haikus

A horrible song

Unless sung by a Muppet

Someday we’ll find it . . .


Meep Meep/Meep Meep Meep

Meep, Meep Meep? Meep Meep: Meep-Meep!

Meep; Meep (Meep Meep). Meep.


Shnorgen Flagen der

Turtel Soup-e! Oopsie-dee

Der Chicky-Dee!


My office is conspiring against me

There are cupcakes here.
Destined to crush my diet.
Shit! They’re from Porto’s.

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